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Artisan Creations offers a range of services to help you create and maintain your outdoor environment economically and efficiently. Whether we are installing a large landscape or creating a small intimate garden, attention to detail is our first and foremost priority which ensures our end product is always of the finest quality.

Artisan Creations provides professional services quickly and cost-effectively, from the initial planning and design phase to building and plant material installation. We have the skills and expertise to deliver quality hardscaping, renovations, and enhancements, no matter what the project size. From the development of the landscape to the final product, we understand that each of our clients’ needs are different and our unwavering commitment to quality landscaping techniques and practices coupled with our vast knowledge of the business guarantees that we develop the right look for each of our clients’ homes or businesses.

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Water Features

We design all facets of aquatic features to match your desires with proper aquatic plants and animal life. By considering climate, types of plants in and around water features, aesthetic correlation, and maintenance, we are able to create art that lasts. Water features and gardens can range in size from small fountains to specialty pools and ponds.

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Outdoor Lighting

Lighten up your home with a variety of outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. For decks, patios and other gathering areas, outdoor wall, ceiling and hanging lighting make a perfect addition to any outdoor party. Add a touch of class to your yard and garden with our landscape lighting, or brighten up your driveway or garage area with post lighting or security lighting.

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